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How to Attract Money: Three Simple Steps to Prosperity

How to Attract Money: Three Simple Steps to Prosperity

If you know how to attract money, it makes everything else in your life and breeze. Just think about how much easier it would be for you to do the important things in life such as exercise, purchasing nutritious foods and to maintain good health.  Imagine how much easier it would be to a lot time to developing relationships if you knew the secrets of making money and obtaining prosperity.  Envision the possibilities of accomplishing  any goal if you were able to obtain the financial means.

international_money_pile_in_cash_and_coinsAs Zig Ziglar stated: “Money isn’t everything … but it’s reasonably close to the oxygen, when you need it … you really need it. So let’s examine three simple steps that will help you learn the secrets of how to attract money.


First, Decide and Expect

The very first step in learning how to attract money, is to decide on an exact amount which you expect to achieve on a precise date. It is unrealistic to expect to have One Million Dollars in a few months if you’ve never made more than $30,000 a year.  Make sure you set a reasonable goal for yourself such as $12,000 in the next year.  Once you’ve reached your goal you will have the confidence to set larger and more aggressive goals. The real secret to turning this into reality is make a decision to have the money without knowing how you will accomplish it.

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This is because it’s much easier to make money and or even obtain prosperity once you’ve decided that you’re going to do it. Just think about the last time you just had to come up with a certain amount of money. Did you do it? If so, you probably had no idea how you were going to do it at first… you just knew that you had to do it and you decided that you were going to. As you’ll soon discover, that expectation was what made all the difference.


Second, Get Obsessed

If you want to know how to attract money and you haven’t been able up to this point in your life, it’s probably because you haven’t become obsessed with your goal. The point is not to be obsessed with money.  You should instead set a specific plan on what to do with the money and focus on the goal itself.  It can be putting some money aside in a n account to go on a trip or to start a side business. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, it is more important than the amount of money you will need to reach it.

It really comes down to wanting what the money will buy, not the money itself. Keeping your focus on just making money will not build the will, but focusing on the reason you want something will help you attain prosperity and in the process become obsessed with the reason.


Third, Start Working with What You Have

As you’re obsessing over your goal for how to attract money, it’s vital for you to start working as hard as you can achieve your goal. Even if the strategy which you are currently applying is imperfect for earning the money, just stay focused on your goal and eventually your subconscious mind will start suggesting ideas to you. When it does, it will be a lot  easier for you to gain momentum that you have initiated working hard with what you have. What you’ll discover is that having defined expectations and a burning obsession will help you to begin finding the hidden opportunities which will make it possible for you to learn how to attract money.