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Simple Strategies for Finding Your Life Goals

Simple Strategies for Finding Your Life Goals

Finding your purpose in life is much more difficult than most people think it is.  Most of the time, if you ask people what their life goals are, they will give you a list of vague intentions or functions such as being a better person, quality time as a parent, advancing their career … all of which are important, but who doesn’t want these things?
If you want to find a clearly defined purpose for your life, one that fills you with enthusiasm and gives you the understanding that you are experiencing something greater than yourself, you need to be specific.

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar stated in his book “Over the Top”: “You will never succeed as a wandering generality, you must become a specific meaning.”   If you’re prepared to make specific life goals about your time on this planet, here’s a few tips on how to proceed.

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Your First Step In Finding Your Life’s Goals

goalThe first thing to do when it comes to finding your purpose is to let go of all the noise and static that prevents you hearing the little voice in your heart. Of course, there are many things to be learned external sources and the input of others. But when it comes to you to find your life goals, the person must have a conversation with is always available, and that person is you. The problem is that we are all bombarded with so many opinions, requests and ideas on how things should be that we are insensitive to the voice of our heart.

Your personal and spiritual growth is your responsibility and nobody else’s, no matter how people try to say what you must do or not do with your life. After filtering these things to grow “selective ignorance”, you can begin to focus on skills that will help you find your goals.

Start Listening To Yourself

The most important thing you can do to start the awareness of self and what is YOUR purpose here on earth is to start listening to you, and the best way to do this is to keep a daily journal of your thoughts. The great inventor Benjamin Franklin said: “If you’re not to be forgotten when you’re dead and rotten, either do things worth writing about or write things worth reading about.”  These words must have been considered by many other successful people in history because most of them were prolific writers who have kept track of their thoughts and reflections in personal letters and journals.

Writing is a concentration exercise for the mind and helps to clarify the random thoughts that flow through your mind that are driving you crazy for most of the day. Start writing these thoughts and write answers to questions like “What is the only thing I want people to remember about me?” Or “What is the only thing I want to achieve before I die? “.   As you yourself these questions and develop the capacity to understand your thought process and listening to the voice of your heart, the answers will more clear and precise.

And finally …

Finding Your Life Purpose By Pursuing It

The great writer Jack London said:  “You can’t wait for inspiration to come to you, you must go after it with a club.” The same is true when it comes to finding your purpose, you need to start to feed your mind with things and find materials to help you understand your wishes. If you want to do something with your life, you can bet that someone else has done it or is or at least something similar .

So it is sensible to become an avid reader and researcher of the things that interest you, and together with your journal you can finally find their purpose in life.